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Dental Oasis Orthodontic &Dental Clinic is run by Dr. Virag Bhatia (M. D. S. Orthodontics) and Dr. Tanya Bhatia (BDS Dental Surgeon).

The clinic is centrally located in Indore in New Palasia, with adequate four and two-wheeler parking. The clinic also has wheel chair accessibility.

The clinic boasts all the latest technology and equipment to cater to all the dental needs with minimum discomfort and best results. All dental procedures are done by specialists and under strict sterilization protocol to prevent cross infections. Clinic caters to both local and international patients.

We are specialists in all kinds of braces and aligner treatment. We specialize in Smile Designing, Facial Jaw Surgeries for Facial Deformities, Treatment of Cleft Lip & Palate, all kinds of Aligner Treatment, Immediate Dental Implants, Fixed Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Implants, Dental Bleaching (Teeth Whitening), All kinds of Cosmetic Dental Treatment and Dental Jewellery.

The success of treatments like a single sitting root canal, dental implant, smile makeover, full mouth Restoration/ Rehabilitation can be credited to our following unique features:

Knowledgeable Dental Surgeons
The dental surgeons at Dental Oasis Orthodontic & Dental Clinic have vast clinical experience and are internationally trained and updated with the latest advancements in dental field.

Painless Dentistry
Best and latest dental equipment and materials make dental treatments painless and comfortable.

Emphasis is placed on sterilizing all equipment using an autoclave prior to their use in the clinic. Disposable gloves, masks, and aprons enable us stop any cross contamination. Strict protocol of sterilization and disinfection is applicable before all surgical procedures. Overall hygiene and sanitation are maintained by zealous housework.

We know the worth of your time and hence, all your appointments are our top priority. We believe in finishing the treatment in as little time as possible.

The ambience of the clinic and the ever-helping support staff will take away all your anxiety about dental treatment.

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