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Root Canal Treatment
Dr. Virag Bhatia and his team are committed to providing exceptional root canal treatment services. If you're experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, a root canal procedure may be necessary to save your natural tooth and alleviate discomfort. With the use of latest techniques and equipment, Dental Oasis strives to perform precise and efficient root canal treatments. With a gentle approach and attention to patient comfort, a stress-free experience is guaranteed. Our goal is to preserve your natural smile and restore oral health. Trust Dr. Virag Bhatia and Dental Oasis for top-quality root canal treatment in Indore.

When Is Treatment Needed?

Root Canal Treatment or RCT is carried out when a tooth is decayed which creates a cavity or crack due to infection, damage or trauma. Through RCT, the tooth can be saved without removing it. In this process, the pulp (the soft, nervous part inside the tooth) is cleaned, disinfected and filled with an inert material after treatment.

Step by step process

1. Firstly, the dentist will examine the infected tooth, and an x-ray is taken, if necessary, to find the infected area.

2. Then, the infected tooth is admistered with anesthesia to numb the surrounding area so that the patient gets relief and comfort during treatment.

3. In the next process, the dentist creates an opening vertically through the tooth to get access to the pulp and nerves.

4. Then, the canals are cleaned and disinfected with the help of special dental instruments and anteseptic solution. In this process, the whole canal is cleaned and all the becteria and other infectious molecules are removed.

5. At last, the opening is filled with a material homogenous to original tooth.

To protect the root canal treated tooth from further damage, a dental crown or cap is placed on the top of it to provide it strength and appearance like a natural tooth. The whole process typically requires one or two visits that can be extented according to complexity of the treatment.

Besides relieving permanently from the severe pain and saving the tooth from extraction, root canal treatment is also more cost effective than removing the tooth and replacing it with dental implant or bridge.

Root canal treatment is highly recommended by the experienced and expert dentists all over the globe and it is a very succesful treatment to save a tooth from extraction and get relief from the unbearable tooth pain for many years without any problems.

Symptoms for the need of Root Canal Treatment :

1. A cracked tooth
2. A cavity in tooth
3. A trauma or injury to the tooth
4. Any infection inside the tooth
5. Any inflammation in the pulp
6. Severe tooth pain
7. Problems during chewing any hard food or applying pressure on tooth
8. Loss of natural colour of tooth
9. Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

After the Procedure :

After your procedure, we want to ensure your comfort and guide you through the recovery process. It's normal to experience some sensitivity and mild discomfort, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. We will provide you with post-treatment instructions, including proper oral hygiene practices and dietary recommendations to promote healing. It's important to attend your follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and ensure the success of your root canal treatment. At Dental Oasis, your well-being is our priority, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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