About Dr.Tanya Bhatia

About Dr. Tanya Bhatia

• Dr. Tanya Bhatia is the cosmetic dentist at Dental Oasis Orthodontic & Dental Clinic.

• Having completed her graduation in 2003 she has a vast experience of clinical practice.

• Her areas of interest include cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment, implants and smile designing.

• Her motto being not just treating her patients but to develop a positive attitude in patients for oral care to prevent further problems.


My teeth in the back region were black with deep cavity….Food was getting deposited and was having severe sensitivity..Was not able to eat from that side….Got fillings done in dental oasis…After that am eating normally as before….Very relieved…

Ishwar Roshan

I had severe toothache since a week…was not able to eat anything…root cana treatment was suggested…madam explained me very well about it..in first sitting itself my pain was gone completely..amazing…am free from my pain..able to eat my food…thank you

Manisha sharma

Prompt and very professional.

I had problem of food deposit in my teeth..I visited doctor…she said of caries problem and suggested for filling..treatment was painless…doctor is very gentle …clinic is well maintained ..I am very happy and definitely recommend others to you…

Prabhas Pandey

Visited ForDental Braces

Lost my front teeth in accident, got it replaced from mam. I am totally satisfied with the treatment got my natural smile back.

Rupali Jain